Enjoying Newlywed Status? How To Care For Your New Bridal Set

Now that you have your beautiful bridal set, you'll want to make sure that they're protected from harm. Your bridal set will need special handling to ensure that they stay safe and retain their shine. Here are four steps you'll need to take to protect your new rings. Start With the Right Insurance When it comes to protecting your bridal set, the first thing you need to do is insure it.

Around The World In 3 Trends: Jewelry Fashions From All Across The Globe

Jewelry trends are constantly shifting and changing as the weeks of a year go by, so it should be no surprise that jewelry analysts and fashion mavens have already been on the lookout for this spring and summer's hottest jewelry trends. In such a multicultural, global world, it's no wonder that several trends this year take inspiration from cultures as diverse as the modern population. So if you're looking for a few trends from around the globe to stock up on for 2018's warmer months, then here's what you need to know.