Take Your Lucky Penny To A Custom Jeweler

If you have a penny that you feel brings you good luck, you might enjoy carrying it around in your pocket — particularly on days that you feel you could use a boost of good luck. Over time, you might begin to worry about losing this special item by having it slip out of your pocket. A good way to fix this concern is to turn the lucky penny into a piece of jewelry. Find a custom jeweler in your area, visit them with the penny, and discuss some designs that you've thought about. They'll be able to turn your penny into something wearable in many different ways. Here are some ideas.

Bracelet Charm 

If you love wearing a charm bracelet on occasion, you've probably had fun shopping for different charms that represent your areas of interest or that augment your sense of style. One idea to consider is having your custom jeweler turn your lucky penny into a charm that you can attach to your bracelet. An experienced custom jeweler can do so in many different ways, including building a stylish frame that sits around the penny and has a clasp that allows you to affix the coin to your bracelet whenever you wish.

Necklace Pendant

For someone who likes the idea of wearing their lucky penny around their neck, this can be an easy project for a custom jeweler. For a simple design, your jeweler can add a bail — the piece of a pendant through which you pass the necklace chain — to the penny, allowing you to put it on a chain. If you want a design that is more intricate, one option could be to insert the penny into a dog tag-style pendant, perhaps with a few important words engraved on the metal.

Lapel Pin

If you like the idea of having your lucky penny in a visible spot for people to see, one option to consider is turning the coin into a lapel pin. Your jeweler can mount the necessary hardware to the back of the coin; you'll need to tell them which side of the penny you want to face outward, as the other side will be covered with the pin hardware. You can then wear this penny on your shirt or coat on special occasions. If one of these ideas for turning your lucky penny into a piece of custom jewelry appeals to you, reach out to a custom jeweler.