Around The World In 3 Trends: Jewelry Fashions From All Across The Globe

Jewelry trends are constantly shifting and changing as the weeks of a year go by, so it should be no surprise that jewelry analysts and fashion mavens have already been on the lookout for this spring and summer's hottest jewelry trends. In such a multicultural, global world, it's no wonder that several trends this year take inspiration from cultures as diverse as the modern population. So if you're looking for a few trends from around the globe to stock up on for 2018's warmer months, then here's what you need to know.

Native American Earrings

Known for their long lengths, bright colors, and diverse materials, Native American jewelry perfectly fits into this year's trend for statement earrings. Colors such as orange, yellow, blue, and green — all important colors in Native American jewelry — are super on trend this year, and will help to make a plain outfit stand out and keep you firmly at the top of fashion.

Take special notice of earrings with beads, feathers, or intricate string-work, all of which perfectly fit this years' trends within statement earrings, and, if you live near reservations or areas with large Native populations, try to buy locally.

British Rings

A long-time symbol of the British royal family, signet rings (worn on the pinky) have come back into American fashion after a long absence — which is a very good thing for the Anglophile with a bent towards jewelry. These rings, though associated with title, position, and birth, can be worn by anyone and are a great way to flaunt another trendy element, be it a particular stone, metal, or setting.

The internet is a wonderful way to buy from British creators, but several jewelry chains in America have roots in the UK, so finding a culturally authentic pinky ring can be one of the easier tasks on your fashion to-do list.

African Necklaces

Take a look at any Ancient Egyptian artwork and you'll notice one jewelry trend standing out above all others — stacked necklaces. Lucky for you, this years' trends incorporates these multi-dimensional necklaces into the hottest looks for the spring and summer. Known for their intricate gem and glass jewelry, Egypt still has some of the best stacked and/or layered necklaces to offer that you'll be able to find. 

If you can't buy locally while traveling this year, there are many sites online that feature jewelry artists from or in Egypt (such as Etsy or eBay) that ensure you can get beautiful, authentic jewelry to top off your choices for this years' accessories. Contact a shop, like Turquoise Skies, for more help.