Spooky Design Features in Silver Skull Rings

If you're planning to buy a sterling silver skull ring, there's a good chance that you already like the idea of jewelry that gives off a spooky vibe. While a simple skull shape can certainly have a chilling look, you might be looking for something that has even more of an unsettling design — perhaps because you're a fan of horror movies and enjoy jewelry and props around your home that fit the genre. You'll find a lot of skull rings that have one or more spooky design features, including the following.

Bullet Hole

While the skulls on some rings have a pristine look to them, you'll occasionally find designs in which there's a bullet hole in the skull. This marking will consist of a circular mark with some jagged lines that extend outward. On some rings, the skull may be noticeably dented around the bullet mark. Having this design feature on your ring can give off an unsettling vibe because of the idea that the fictional person to whom the skull belonged met a violent end.

Missing Teeth

You'll want to pay attention to the teeth when you shop for a sterling silver skull ring. On many rings, the teeth will appear normal. However, there are other rings in which some of the teeth are missing. Dark gaps between certain teeth can give the skull an eerie smile that boosts the overall spooky appearance of this piece of jewelry.


Many people find snakes to be disconcerting, so choosing a skull ring that depicts this reptile can augment the spooky look of your ring. You'll find all sorts of snake designs on skull rings. On some, the snake will be wrapped menacingly around the skull. In some pieces of jewelry, the snake's head will be poking through one of the skull's empty eye sockets for an even creepier look.

Spider Webs

No one likes walking into a spider web that is hanging from the ceiling in a basement or a shed, as it's easy to feel that a spider could soon be making its way onto your head. The creepy feeling that people get from spider webs means that a skull ring with a spider web motif can give this piece of jewelry even more of a spooky look. There are lots of skull rings that include some type of spider web in their design. The webbing may appear on the sides of the ring or around the skull, for example. Visit a jewelry store or jewelry website to shop for a sterling silver skull ring.