Top Vintage Jewelry Care Dos And Don'ts You Should Know

Are you fascinated by vintage jewelry? Do you like to collect or wear vintage pieces? Most people prefer antique jewelry because the pieces are unique and beautiful. So, whether you got the piece from your husband, grandmother, or another relative or you specialize in collecting this kind of jewelry, it's crucial to ensure it retains its great looks for longer. But not everyone knows how to care for vintage jewelry. Some even notice that the piece has deteriorated fast because they didn't take the necessary measures to maintain it as expected. This post will outline top care dos and don'ts that you should know to keep your cherished vintage jewelry nice for a long time, whether you intend to wear or resell it.

Do Clean the Jewelry Properly

One way to ensure your antique jewelry lasts longer and retains its gorgeous looks is to clean it regularly. The cleaning should be done before storage to get rid of the sweat and other elements like grime and dirt that make the jewelry look old. But you cannot clean it with just anything that you find. For instance, you cannot use an ultrasonic cleaner as the pulsation action can damage the enamel or loosen the setting. You also need to avoid the dip solutions sold in most stores today as they have harsh chemicals that harm the antique piece. A good rule of thumb is to find out what experts say about cleaning the metal or gemstone your jewelry is made of. Note that there are various cleaning solutions and methods for different metals and stones, so consult a professional or get cleaning tips from a professional antique jewelry site.

Do Not Wear the Jewelry When Exercising, Washing, or Cooking

While it's tempting to wear your antique jewelry all the time, you should consider removing it when preparing meals, working out, or doing your laundry. This way, you will protect the piece from sweat, dirt, grime, or chemical solutions that can change its appearance. It would be best if you didn't even swim while wearing the jewelry as the chemicals in the water can react with the metal.

Do Store the Jewelry Properly

How you store your vintage jewelry will determine if it will stay in shape and last a long time. Professionals recommend storing each piece of jewelry in a special box after cleaning and drying it properly. Ensure the jewelry is kept away from cold, humid, or hot spaces as direct sun and sweltering temperatures can cause damage.

Now that you know a few guidelines on maintaining your antique jewelry, it shouldn't be challenging to take care of it. Remember thatyou can always ask your jewelry professional to clarify some care details if you are in doubt to avoid making costly mistakes.

To learn more, contact an antique jewelry dealer.