3 Reasons to Think About Selling Your Gold

When you have old gold jewelry sitting in your jewelry box, you might be thinking about how to sell it for top dollar. While there are many ways to sell old jewelry, one of the most profitable ways to unload broken necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is by selling the gold to a broker who buys and sells pure gold to recycle and use in new items. Here are three reasons to sell gold.

1. Clean Out Your Jewelry Box

Broken jewelry can clutter up your jewelry box fast, making it difficult to find the pieces you actually want to use every day. Depending on the kind of jewelry item that was broken, it may even be causing problems in your jewelry boxes such as tangling necklaces or hiding other items that you may want to wear. 

However, by finding those old, broken jewelry items and selling them to a gold buyer, you can clean up your jewelry box, simplify the searching process, and make it easier than ever before to keep your other jewelry pieces in great condition. 

2. Enjoy Extra Spending Money

Gold is worth a lot, even in a down market. In fact, you may be able to sell your gold for much, much more than you paid for it, depending on when you purchased the piece. Selling gold jewelry is especially profitable if you were given the item, since anything you receive for the piece will be 100% profit. 

Whether you need some extra money to take care of some bills or you are thinking about investing it in the stock market while things are still down, selling gold is a great way to go. 

3. Eliminate Reminders of Bad Memories

Whether you suffered a failed engagement or you are left with a broken tennis bracelet from a relationship you had with a close friend that didn't end well, selling those old pieces is a great way to eliminate bad physical reminders. Consider cleaning out your bad memories by selling those pieces, and use the money to do something fun with a new friend. 

If you are seriously considering selling some of your old gold jewelry, turn to a jeweler in your area who buys gold. Gold buyers are incredibly easy to work with, and will show you the exact weight of your gold jewelry before you officially sell those pieces. You can also track the current price of gold minute by minute by checking out the free stock ticker on your phone, which can make it easy to tell if you are getting a good price for your jewelry.