Need A Little Extra Money? 3 Reasons To Cash In On Your Old Jewelry

You may have seen signs in your city that say "cash for gold," which could make you wonder who just has gold lying around their home. However, many people have old, broken jewelry at home that they may not wear or use and that could be traded for cash when you need it. Here are three reasons to cash in on your old jewelry. 

1. Clean Out Your Personal Jewelry Box - Stop rummaging through your old jewelry to find those stud earrings you are looking for. One of the best things about trading your old jewelry for cash is the fact that you can tidy up your jewelry box. 

In addition to simplifying the daily jewelry search, cleaning out jewelry boxes also helps people to keep necklaces, bracelets, and dangly earrings from being tangled, which could prevent broken items in the future. 

2. Turn Over A Fresh Leaf - It's hard to forget about someone when you see the ring or bracelet they gave to you every single time you go to grab some earrings. However, by trading in your jewelry for cash, you could clean out your closet—and clear up your mind. Cleaning out your belongings can be a very cathartic experience, especially if you are getting over a divorce, a breakup, or a soured friendship. 

When you clean out your jewelry box, think about who gave you each piece or which memories you have associated with the item. Cash in on items that have bad memories associated with them so that you can start moving forward. Better yet, use the money to make a new memory. 

3. Recycle - Instead of simply trashing your old jewelry, trade it for cash to give your special piece a chance to see a new life. Many old, broken gold jewelry pieces are melted down and recycled into a new necklace. While it is possible to have your existing jewelry pieces melted down and made into a new piece just for you, if you don't have anything in mind, recycling the item and receiving cash for your contribution is a great way to go. 

If getting a little extra money for your old or damaged jewelry sounds like something that would work for you, talk with a jewelry store in your area that offers cash for gold. By doing a little cleaning and taking a drive to the jewelry store, you could earn some extra money.