Different Ways To Wear Two Rings On One Finger

Visiting any local jewelry store can give you a wealth of ideas about different types of jewelry to wear. If you're someone who enjoys wearing rings and is looking to buy some new rings to complement your wardrobe, you'll have no shortage of options when you go to a jewelry shop. One style that is popular is to wear two rings on one finger. If this isn't a style that you've pursued in the past, it's possible that you just haven't had the right rings. Here are some different ways to wear a pair of rings on a single finger.

Rings That Nest Together

One option for you to consider is to buy rings that are designed to be worn on the same finger at the same time. Often, these pieces of jewelry have specific design features that allow them to "nest" together — in other words, they'll sit very close to one another to avoid being too bulky. Some engagement rings and wedding bands are designed in this manner, but a long list of everyday rings also have this functionality. When you pursue this idea, it can often feel as though you're wearing just one ring instead of two, which may be ideal if you have small fingers.

Rings That Are Connected With A Chain

Another fun look that you might wish to explore is to buy a pair of rings that are connected with a thin chain. Generally, one of the rings will have a smaller diameter than the other, making it suitable to wear between your large knuckle and the tip of your finger, rather than between your large knuckle and your palm. This isn't the type of jewelry that you'll want to wear daily, because the chain can snag and be a hassle. When you're getting dressed up, however, this is a piece that can augment your look.

Rings That Sit Apart But Aren't Connected

You may also wish to buy a pair of rings that either look similar or that complement one another with the plan to wear them in different locations on your finger. Having one ring in the traditional location close to your hand and the other in the less-conventional spot toward the tip of your finger can be a fun look with which to experiment. Initially, you may find that you're constantly feeling for the smaller ring to make sure that it's in place, but as you wear this jewelry more, you'll get confident about it remaining in position.