Holiday Craft Ideas Using Hot Fix Rhinestones

If you want to give any craft project a glamorous touch, hot fix rhinestones, such as from ModeBeads, are the way to go. Hot fix rhinestones look like regular flat-back rhinestones, but they have a heat-activated adhesive for easy application. You can use these colorful stones to add bling to a variety of holiday crafts. 

Hot fix rhinestones are available in a wide range of colors, from diamond-inspired clear to vibrant pink or yellow. They are also available at a few different price points. You can get either higher-end crystal stones, or more budget-friendly plastic ones, depending on your needs. 

You can use the adhesive stones to enhance both kids' and adults' crafts, such as decor pieces or wearable items. If children are handling the hot fix rhinestones, make sure adults are on hand to help them handle the heated tool.

Rhinestone crafts make fun, hands-on activities for any type of holiday party, such as Halloween bashes or Christmas soirees. You can also make the crafts before the celebration to use as festive decorations.  Kids of all ages will also enjoy making the blingy crafts at birthday parties, and they can take them home as favors. 

Here are some hot fix rhinestone craft ideas to consider making at your next holiday get-together:

1. Christmas Crafts

Put your guests in the holiday spirit with one or more sparkly creative projects. As one option, party-goers can make their own tree decorations by affixing the rhinestones to a plain silver or gold ball ornaments. Use traditional red and green stones, or go with gold or silver for an elegant look.

Other stone-enhanced Christmas craft ideas include foam tree table centerpieces, vases filled with poinsettias, and candle holders. Any of these items would make thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones as well. 

2. Halloween

Bling out crafts at a Halloween party using gold, orange, purple, and black hot fix rhinestones. You can attach them to either real or paper jack-o-lanterns, metal or plastic spiders and skulls, and even masks, which you can use as part of a costumes. 

3. Valentine's Day

If you're throwing a children's Valentine's Day soiree, provide them with plenty of red and pink hot fix rhinestones. They can use them to decorate construction paper hearts, homemade Valentine's Day cards and card boxes, and even jewelry pieces. 

For gifts, decorate a plain plastic or glass picture frame with rhinestone heart patterns, and fill with sentimental photos.