Diamond-Inspired Gift Ideas For Women

While diamonds may not be every girl's best friend, they can certainly make thoughtful and beautiful gifts for all of the special ladies in your life. If you think that you can't afford to give the gift of diamonds, there may be some options that fit your budget if you get creative. 

Sparkling diamonds make wonderful presents for women of all ages and almost any occasion. Treat a loved one to the gemstones as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, graduation, bridal or even a "just because" gift. Although diamonds often symbolize romantic love, they can also be given as a platonic gift for a best friend, or to a beloved family member.

Diamond-inspired presents range from expensive rings to small stud earrings, to everything in between. There are some non-jewelry options available as well if that's better suited to the gift recipient's tastes and preferences. 

Here are some diamond gift ideas for women to consider:

1. June Birthday Presents 

Diamonds are the gemstones associated with June birthdays, so if a loved one was born in that month, treat her to piece of jewelry. Some options include diamond rings, earrings, or even a pendant in a heart shape to symbolize your love.

If a large diamond isn't in your gift-giving budget, you can get a ring featuring a different type of gemstone or even an authentic-looking cubic zirconia, with a real diamond chip on either side. You can also buy an elegant silver or gold watch adorned with a diamond chip.

2. Hobby-Related Gifts 

One way to show someone how much you care is to incorporate their favorite hobby into the diamond gift. For instance, if they love to play tennis, treat them to a diamond-studded tennis bracelet. Animal lovers will appreciate diamond earrings in the shape of dogs, cats, or birds. 

Other ideas include a diamond-adorned gold picture frame for a photographer, or a luxury pen featuring a diamond chip for a writer. 

3. Mixed-Gemstone Surprises 

If the gift recipient loves more than one type of gemstone or prefers brightly colored jewelry, go with a piece featuring a mix of sparklers. For instance, pick a necklace pendant featuring a large opal and two side diamonds, or a round emerald ring encircled with diamond chips. 

For a mother, you can't go wrong with the locket-style pendant filled with the birthstones of her children and a diamond to express your love for her. For more information, contact a store that has diamonds for sale