Looking For A Piece Of Jewelry But Not Sure What To Buy? Try A Handmade Bracelet From Nepal

If you are looking for a nice piece of jewelry for yourself, you should consider buying handmade bracelets from Nepal. These bracelets are being sold throughout North America through the Fair Trade Federation. The proceeds from the sales provide a fair income to the women of Nepal who hand crochet the tiny beads to make the bracelets. Here are a few reasons to consider buying them.

Original Pieces

Each bracelet is handmade in Nepal, many of the artisans who create these bracelets create unique, original designs for each bracelet. There are also a few companies who purchase the bracelets in bulk and then sell them in North America. The companies may choose to create some specific designs that the artisans make in quantity. This way, you can choose to have something unique that will go with a specific outfit or something a bit more common that will fit in with many of your wardrobe choices.


The glass beads used to crochet the bracelets are of the best quality and are woven onto pure cotton threads. They are not plastic beads that have been strung onto stretchy threads or elastic. The women who make these spend hours a day, carefully working each bead into place to form the pattern or design. The bracelets are rolled over your hand to rest comfortably on your wrist instead of a piece of elastic that stretches over your hand. This keeps the design nice and tight. If needed, the bracelet can be soaked a bit to allow the strings to give and slip over your hand. As it dries, it will go back to its original size.  Each bracelet comes with a lifetime guarantee that the beads will not break. 

Empowering Women

The women of Nepal need to be able to make an income that is not what would be considered a "slave wage." When you purchase these bracelets, you are helping a woman provide for her family. It also gives these women a sense of pride and strength while giving them a purpose in life. In addition, as these women work together each day, they become friends and confidants, learning they can go to each other for help when needed.

Handmade bracelets from Nepal make lovely Mother's Day gifts. They are also nice to give as birthday gifts or for a special promotion or graduation. Once you see them, you will realize how well they can fit in with your own wardrobe.They can be playful, casual, businesslike, and even a bit elegant. It will all come down to the colors and designs.