Do Different Colored Diamonds Have Meaning?

When people design custom rings for themselves or people they love, they typically want the jewelry to make a statement or hold special meaning. Like the various colors of roses have social significance, so too do diamonds. Therefore, a good way to craft a ring with the nuance and significance you want is to use colored diamonds. Here are the meanings of different diamond colors to help you design a ring that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Red and Pink Diamonds

Colored diamonds are generally rare, but red and pink ones are even scarcer than that, which is why natural ones colored these hues are so expensive. Red in general has always been the color of passion and power, while pink typically signifies love, affection, and gentleness. A red ring would be appropriate for someone with ambition or a lively personality, whereas pink would work well for engagement or friendship rings.

Yellow and Brown Diamond

Yellow diamonds are very popular, likely because they resemble the color of the sun. Though yellow is typically associated with energy, liveliness, and happiness, yellow diamonds have also come to signify humility and renunciation. A yellow diamond would be appropriate for people who were pious and devout and/or had sunny dispositions.

Brown, on the other hand, is a conservative color typically seen in places where dependability and seriousness are highly prized. Although brown diamonds go by many names (e.g. cognac, champagne, coffee) depending on how deep the color is, this diamond color typically epitomizes convention, order, and stability. It is the ideal color for people who are reliable, steady, and secure.

Blue and Green Diamonds

Like pink diamonds, blue and green diamonds are exceedingly rare but unbelievably popular. This could be because these colors can be matched to people who have blue or green eyes. The color blue is often associated with spirituality, and as such, blue diamonds represent eternity, devotion, peace, intelligence, and truth. Green, on the other hand, is typically associated with nature, the ocean, abundance, youth, vigor, and prosperity. Blue may be a good color for rings made for thinkers and spiritually minded persons, while green diamonds may be ideal for nature lovers and free spirits.

Black Diamonds

The color black has a number of different meanings, both good and bad. It is the color of death and mourning but also of elegance and sophistication. Black diamonds are produced by irradiating green ones, so you could say these stones do have a spark of life within them. Rings with black diamonds may be a good option for someone who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle or is very cosmopolitan and cultured.

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