Myths About Diamonds

Investing in high-quality pieces of jewelry can be an excellent way of giving a meaningful gift to a loved one or providing yourself with striking accessories. Yet, it is a routine problem for individuals to be uninformed with these gemstones if they have never owned one before. In order to make sure that you are informed before you acquire this type of jewelry, you should learn the realities behind some common diamond myths.

Myth: Diamond Jewelry Requires No Care

It is often assumed by people that diamond jewelry will not require any care as they assume the diamonds will be indestructible. While diamonds are highly durable, they can be subjected to numerous forms of damage if they are not properly maintained. For example, allowing the diamonds to become excessively dirty or improperly storing them can cause them to become permanently discolored. Also, it can be possible for diamonds to become scratched if they are allowed to rub against extremely hard metals or other diamonds. In order to keep your diamond looking as bright and clear as possible, you should store them in protective pouches, and you may want to have them professionally cleaned every few years. Typically, these cleanings can be completed within a couple of days, but the exact time will be determined by the workload of your jeweler.

Myth: All Diamonds Are The Same

It is often assumed by individuals that are unfamiliar with diamonds that they are all the same. However, it is a fact that there can be great variations between diamonds. For example, people will often assume that diamonds are always clear. Yet, it is possible to opt for diamonds that are colored. In particular, brown and yellow are common colors for diamonds. By combining these colors and traditional clear diamonds, you can help to create the perfect look for your diamond jewelry.

Myth: It Is Too Expensive To Buy Diamonds

Some people may enjoy the appearance diamonds, but they may avoid buying them due to having the belief that they are too expensive. While any type of jewelry can be relatively expensive, there are options that you can use to help ensure that you find a diamond that is within your budget. For example, you may be able to choose cluster diamonds over single large stones or you may even opt for diamonds that have slightly less clarity as they will be much less expensive without drastically compromising their appearance. Lastly, many diamond dealers offer individuals financing so that they can make the cost of these pieces of jewelry lower.

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