2 Beginner's Tips For Purchasing Rough Fire Agate

Fire agate, like a number of other gemstones, can make beautiful pieces of jewelry. In addition, they can be used as a part of your home decor. Like many other gemstones, it can be difficult to tell if the fire agate you are purchasing is real or if it is a man-made imitation. It usually takes years of experience to be able to spot the difference between a real gemstone and a synthetic. If you are new to gemstones and only want the real thing, then this can be difficult. Luckily, you can use these tips as a beginner's guide to purchasing quality rough fire agate.

Examine the Color

There are a number of layers present in fire agate that give it that fiery color. Fire agate usually has brownish layers that are also mixed with a slightly rusted color. Place your piece of rough fire agate in the sun and take some time to examine the coloring on your stone. Man made fire agate does not have the same layers and coloring scheme. Typically, the thicker the layers are the prominent the fire look will appear.

Consider the Price of the Stone

Fire agate is considered to be a high grade and premium gemstone. There is not an abundance of rough fire agate. Therefore, it is usually easier for individuals who have connections to miners to acquire these stones. As a result, this is reflected in the price. You will not be able to purchase a fire agate for the same price that you would be able to purchase a quartz stone. This is because one stone is easier to acquire than the other. Therefore, when purchasing your fire agate consider the price. If the stone seems like it is being sold for a price that does not reflect its value, then it is most likely an imitation. In addition, if the stone is easy to acquire, then it also may be an imitation. Man made fire agates are much cheaper and easier to construct. As a result, their cheap price reflects this.

Getting your hands on a fire agate can help to transform any piece of jewelry or decoration. However, as a beginner stone buyer, it can be easy to fall for the price and look of imitation stones. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that the next stone purchase you make is of an authentic fire agate. Talk to a place that sells fire agate, such as Studio Rock Shop, for more tips.